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PnS Concept solutions

Plug'n Secure Concept

now you can trust the Internet

PnS Concept solutions are based on open and reliable technology. They use the best of data processing, network and communication technologies.

All PnS Concept solutions are based on a consistent set of components which became naturally a standard, thanks to their broad range of functionalities, performance and stability.

A certified Plug and Secure« solution guaranties an unmatched integration time, and gives the assurance of secured communication as soon as it is plugged. Secured messaging, collaborative platform allow a profitable and secured usage of computing and Internet tools!

In appliance version, integrated in your network, or hosted on a dedicated or shared server, PnS Concept's solutions are adapted to every situation, taking into account needs and resources of the organisation, from large industrial companies to SMEs to associations.
See the feature list of PnS Pack, PnS Pack On Demand and PnS On Demand solutions.


PnS Pack , the secured mail integrated solution. Study, hardware, design, customisation, installation and services: PnS Pack is the communication system that puts you back in control of your transfers on the Internet.


Hosted solutions , PnS Concept hosted solutions are adapted to security and communication needs of every organisation, without investment. Without compromising security, transfer platforms allow sharing information collaboratively.


ConfidenceMail , secured mail server. Distribute your documents in total confidentiality through encryption (SSL 128 bits). Customised to reflect your organisation, your ConfidenceMail solution is also the flagship of your company.


Feature list of PnS Concept's secured collaborative transfer solutions. Solution type (appliance, hosted), volume, bandwidth, options, security...

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