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PnS Pack, the integrated solution

Professional secured communication

More and more, you use computers and the Internet for the internal or external communication of your company. These tools must help you communicate, and not hamper you.

You want to be sure that sensitive or confidential information are transmitted to the right recipients. You want to restrict access to your information.
Because you are a professional and your external image should mirror this, the PnS Pack appliance allows you to transmit totally securely your confidential documents, without size limits.
PnS Pack in brief

Why use PnS Pack?


PnS Pack: The Solution


Solution benefits


Pns Pack: Architecture


Add value to your image


Pns Pack: Integration and evolutions


Downloading files of any size Download in progress of a 2.6 GB file with Mozilla Firefox browser

PnS Pack is totally independent from the system or the user's browser, and allow to transfer files of any type and size. Using Shared repositories, it is possible to download files larger than 2 GB.

PnS Pack in brief

Complete solution: Plug and Secure appliance, with server, programs and services
Integration of the system in your structure
Personalised configuration and settings
Compatible with all your current tools
Universal and easy to use User Interface
Secured connection
Encrypted data transfer

Download PnS Pack product data sheet

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