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Feature list of secured collaborative solutions

Solution PnS On Demand PnS Pack On Demand PnS Pack
Solution type Shared hosting Hosted, dedicated server Appliance
Communication – Openness – Collaboration
100% universal application, compatible with every platform and browser
Languages: English, French
Unlimited number of users
Unlimited number of files
Any kind of file
Maximum file size 2 GB 2 GB Unlimited*
Unlimited number of repositories (collaborative areas)
and directories
Collaborative platform with user notification by e-mail
File life span configurable from 1 day to infinite
Grant access to non-registered recipients (sending download links by e-mail).
Permission to upload files for non-registered recipients
Multifile upload form with progress bar
Tree-like data structure
Context / repositories / directories / data
Document version management,
"old" and "copy" files
Specific domain name,
e.g., customer_name.com
Specific subdomain
e.g., customer_name.plugnsecure.fr
Possible Possible
Logo and menus customised to customer colours
Disk space 10-100 GB 130 GB
(or 290 GB)
Depending on customer
Shared repositories, giving a virtually unlimited storage Example: Windows share. - -
Bandwidth 100 Mbps shared 100 Mbps Depending on customer
Unlimited traffic
Contextual online help
Manual in PDF format
Help in Microsoft HTML Help format
Security – Confidentiality
Encryption of all transfers
No sensitive data transmitted by e-mail
Password encrypted during transfers and in database
SMS strong authentication of users and file recipients Option Option Option
Time limited messages and passwords, configurable
Time limited granted access, configurable
File life span, number of files, file size limit for permission to upload, configurable
User rights management:
Read - right to grant access - write - right to allow upload - delete, copy, move- notifications
Administrator rights management:
user accounts and user groups management
repository management
right delegation management.
Warning e-mails to administrators
Logs, traceability
Data hosted within the company - -
Disk redundancy - Option Depending on customer
Backups - Option Depending on customer
License – Price
Permanent license - -
Monthly fee ** -

* Using shared repositories.
** Billing can optionally be quarterly.

Feature included.

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