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ConfidenceMail, secured mail server

ConfidenceMail At the heart of PnS Concept's transfer solutions

Your company sends and receives e-mails routinely. Estimates, call for bids, quotations, contracts, blueprints, layouts... the information you use, send and which is transmitted is business-critical.
Spam, viruses, Trojan, spies, hoaxes are some of the dangers that threaten your efficiency.
You want to be sure that sensitive or confidential information is transmitted to the right recipients. You want to restrict access to your information. You want to transfer files unrestrainedly without size limits.
Your are a professional and your image should reflect this.
ConfidenceMail est l'application qui rend vos Úchanges et vos transferts de fichiers professionnels.

ConfidenceMail in brief

ConfidenceMail is the application at the heart of the PnS Pack appliance solution, and of the PnS Pack On Demand and PnS On Demand hosted solutions .

See the PnS Concept solutions feature list.

Why use PnS ConfidenceMail?


ConfidenceMail: The Solution


Solution benefits


Pns ConfidenceMail: Architecture


Raise personnel and partners awareness on security


ConfidenceMail: Integration and evolution


ConfidenceMail in brief

Plug and Secure software solution, heart of the PnS Pack appliance, and of the PnS Pack On Demand and PnS On Demand hosted solutions.
Customisation and settings adapted to your image
Compatible with all your current tools
Compatible with all your partners' and customers' tools.
Universal and easy to use User Interface
Secured connection
Encrypted data transfer
Strong security, by transmission of messages on mobiles via SMS
Time limited messages and passwords, fully configurable
Protection against SQL and PHP injections

Download the product data sheet.

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