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S2E hosts its transfers with PnS Concept - June 2008, the S2E company uses the PnS On Demand hosted solution. Since more than a year, S2E share its files with its industrial partners using the transfer platform hosted by PnS Concept.


Songstuff On Demand - August 2007, Songstuff and PnS Concept launch a new on-demand collaborative service. Named Songstuff On Demand, it provides songwriters and musicians a platform to manage online collaboration, both privately and publicly.


Partnership with teakTools solutions - July 2007, PnS Concept signs a partnership agreement with teakTools solutions. PnS Concept, publisher of Internet secured transfers, and teakTools solutions, manufacturing solutions and services specialist, validate their partnership. teakTools solutions becomes distributor of PnS Concept's solutions.


PnS ConfidenceMail Version 3 - June 2007, PnS Concept announces release of the new version of the ConfidenceMail solution. PnS ConfidenceMail, powering PnS Concept's secured collaborative transfer solutions, provides collaborative services and file storage on Internet hard drives, open and very simple transfers, secured and ensuring confidentiality.


ExaProbe strengthens the security of its transfers - April 2007, ExaProbe, a service firm dedicated to Information Systems security, relies on the PnS On Demand secured platform for three types of transfers: Sharing documents by actors of collaborative projects, transfer of sensitive documents about their customers' security and transmission of commercial offers.


PnS Concept in the press with à vos Mac - March 2007, in its expert issue, à vos MAC magazine exposes its vision of the PnS ConfidenceMail collaborative platform and solution: "a memory area is allocated, with the possibility of storing files of any kind, arranged in different repositories, in folders, etc. (...) a user-friendly secured solution, to put documents, in collaboration with several persons, or privately."


PnS Concept honoured - 29 November 2006, during the first Villeurbanne companies business convention. PnS Concept is honoured for sound management practises, innovation capacity, involvement in the city and job creation.


Savoye Logistics confirms - Septembre 2006, Savoye Logistics confirme son engagement avec l'appliance sécurisée PnS Pack qui fournit les services attendus. Mr Cholley, IT manager, says: "The PnS Pack solution answers completely our current need to transfer large files, and makes our day to day administration work easier."


PnS ConfidenceMail V2 - June 2006, the new version brings numerous enhancements, among which the possibility to limit file and folder life span. In addition to a better management of disk space, this feature adds a level of protection for sensitive data. Moreover a hosted version, being prepared, will offer to every organisation PnS ConfidenceMail functions in hosted SaaS mode.


Savoye Logistics chooses PnS Pack - June 2005, Savoye Logistics' needs are both confidentiality to protect sensitive information, and large documents transfers. The PnS Pack secured appliance provides a well-suited answer. PnS SMS strong authentication is chosen because of its flexibility, since users do not need anything else than their mobile phone.


Creation of PnS Concept - February 2005, The name « PnS Concept » (Plug and Secure) expresses perfectly the main mission of the company: Plug and Secure. The company is the owner of the registered trademark « Plug'n Secure, now you can trust the Internet ». PnS Pack, the first secured communication product, secures the often neglected domain of Internet transfers. PnS Concept provides also consulting, web site building and translation (software products localization) services.

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