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Savoye Logistics uses PnS Pack

Savoye Connect Savoye Logistics' secured transfer appliance

Logistics division of the LEGRIS INDUSTRIES worldwide industry consortium, SAVOYE Logistics is one of the major logistics European specialist. 600 professionals work for SAVOYE in Great Britain, France, Germany, Spain, the Benelux countries and in Italy.
Savoye Logistics, whose heaquarters are in Dijon, uses the PnS Pack collaborative transfer platform.
PnS Pack meets the needs:
" Indeed, we needed an open, multilingual, secured and user friendly to allow transferring large files for internal needs in the company (e.g., between different subsidiaries) as well a for external communication with customers and providers. The PnS Pack solution allows also strong authentication by SMS for the transfer of sensitive documents."
Download Savoye Logistics' press release

RayXambeR transfers with PnS On Demand

ST Magazine & Revival : RayXambeR works collaboratively with its PnS On Demand platform

« The RayXambeR association uses PnS ConfidenceMail's service for a practical purpose. The configured system is very flexible, and allows any authorized person to store articles, files, folders, etc. in a collaborative area. I liked the principle from the beginning. (...)
Another more than satisfying point, the possibility to grand access to a file to "anybody" for a few days. Recipients are then informed by e-mail that they have a file to download. It is very useful for us to transfer files with the printer because, sometimes, the final PDF file cannot be transmitted by e-mail (it is larger than the 10 MB usually allocated in classical mail systems).
Before, we knew how to work without PnS ConfidenceMail. Now, it would be very difficult to turn back. When good habits are there... »

Cyril Denis, chief-editor of ST Magazine and ReVival magazines, published by the RayXambeR association, user of the PnS On Demand hosted solution
Download the full testimony

ExaProbe protects its transfers with PnS On Demand

Exaprobe secured connection

ExaProbe chooses PnS On Demand. ExaProbe is a major player in Rhône-Alpes as an information systems security service and solution provider.

"ExaProbe has chosen the PnS secured transfer solutions for several uses:
- During a project, PnS On Demand allows to create collaborative transfer areas dedicated to sharing project documentation between different actors: customer, partners and ExaProbe.
- For support services, PnS On Demand allows to transfer diagnostic files between customer and Security Operations Centre. These files often contain information related to the security of the customer's information system, and it is essential this information pass through encrypted from start to end.
- In a commercial context, PnS On Demand allows to transfer offers in confidential mode, but also to make available to customers and prospects documentation and presentations, which are sometimes large, and for which mail transfer is not suitable.
PnS On Demand thus meets the demands of our business:
- Guaranty of information encryption in the market standards.
- Independence from already existing customers' and prospects' heterogeneous encryption systems.
- Security mechanisms aiming at a very high level of data preservation.
- 100% HTML interface, which guarantees compatibility whatever the OS or browser used.
- Strong authentication on request, based on sending SMSs, which thus allows to guarantee the identity of file senders and recipients. "

Philppe Martorell, Security Operations Centre Manager

See ExaProbe's site

S2E transfers its files with PnS On Demand

S2E transfers its files with PnS On Demand

In Oyonnax, in plastic valley, the S2E company uses the PnS On Demand hosted solution for its file transfers with its industrial partners using the collaborative secured transfer platform hosted by PnS Concept.

The activity of S2E, Société d'Études et d'Exécution, is the manufacturing of specific machines for automotive, from design (engineering and design department) to starting-up on the production site. Its specialities are ultrasonic sealing machines and cutting machines for automotive plastic parts: bumpers, dashboards, door panels...

Mr Thiriet adds:
"For our transfers with customers: security of sensitive files and no size limit.
S2E works exclusively on special machines for automotive. On this respect, the security aspect of file transfer with our clients is indispensable, especially the 3D digital definition of parts being developed, for vehicles that will only be released in a few months. Furthermore, the file size is sometimes several hundreds of MB, and the system allows us to handle these sizes without problem.

As part of collaboration with providers, S2E subcontracts all its machined and mechanically welded parts. Current manufacturing technologies require more and more the use of digital files for the parts to manufacture. PnS Concept's PnS On Demand system allows to do with our sub-contractors these
file transfers in a fast and user-friendly way, without a size limit."

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