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PnS Concept

More efficient and reliable communication

now you can trust the Internet

Numerous dangers are targeting data going though Internet, Intranet or Extranet, even more when companies are relying on consumer tools. Spam, viruses, Trojans, spies, hacking, hoaxes are some of the risks that endanger the efficiency and the profitability of a company.

PnS Concept Plug and Secure solutions « guaranty protected information and to be in control of Internet transfers.
The creation of your turnkey and customised web site or secured transfer collaborative platform by PnS Concept allows you to add value to your image.

Our solutions


PnS Pack , the secured mail integrated solution. Study, hardware, design, customisation, installation and services: PnS Pack is the communication system that puts you back in control of your transfers on the Internet.


ConfidenceMail , secured mail server. Distribute your documents in total confidentiality through encryption (SSL 128 bits). Customised to reflect your organisation, your ConfidenceMail solution is also the flagship of your company.



Web sites From a simple showcase page to a complex web site, we handle every aspect of your presence on the Internet.


Consulting and support to implement communication and security solutions. Professionals listening to you, to be in control of your communication and add value to your image.



S2E hosts its transfers with PnS Concept - June 2008, the S2E company uses the PnS On Demand hosted solution. Since more than a year, S2E share its files with its industrial partners using the transfer platform hosted by PnS Concept.


Partnership with teakTools solutions - July 2007, PnS Concept signs a partnership agreement with teakTools solutions. PnS Concept, publisher of Internet secured transfers, and teakTools solutions, manufacturing solutions and services specialist, validate their partnership. teakTools solutions becomes distributor of PnS Concept's solutions.

Security tip

Advices from the CNRS to prevent usage of networks to steal information (Security Guide for Managers):
- Use a network architecture likely to forbid, or at least complicate, any fraudulent attempt to get into the system.
- Watch permanently external connections, in order to detect as soon as possible any odd access.
- Manage strictly logins and passwords, being especially careful to grant non permanent personnel rights only required for their tasks, and to withdraw these rights immediately at the end of their contracts.
- Impose additional precautions to personnel wanting to connect from the outside - and furthermore if they travel abroad - , for instance the usage of one time only passwords.
- Use, if necessary, the new encryption methods to ensure mails and data transfers are confidential.
- The more sensitive works and confidential files should be stored only on machines physically disconnected from the network.

Secure your communication

You transmit routinely confidential information through the Internet and by e-mail. You know the essential value of your information, and you want all your personnel and partners to stay aware of security. Your mail server must be an asset for the efficiency of your company, and not hamper it, by limiting the size of the document transmitted, or because of the heterogeneous information systems of the other parties.
Your mobile personnel must be able to connect with strong authentication wherever they are.
You want to protect your information and your computers from viruses and intrusion risks.
You want to master your transfers.
You want to organise your company's communication with user groups, corresponding to services and projects organisation.
By design, PnS Pack is 100 % leakproof to spam.
You want to enhance your image, the PnS Pack secured exchange platform shows your professionalism.

The Plug and Secure turnkey solutions transform Intranet and Internet in reliable and professional communication media. PnS Concept is your partner:
contact us to secure your data transfers.

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